Site Assessments

KEM has an impressive history performing site assessments, regulatory compliance evaluations, and due-diligence for property transactions and as required by regulatory agencies. Site assessments typically begin as a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. Based upon the results of this evaluation, a more detailed Phase II Site investigation may be warranted and recommended. The Phase II investigations typically include sampling and analyses associated with underground storage tanks, electrical devices containing dielectric fluids, asbestos containing building materials, walls and windows painted with lead-based paints, subsurface areas, indoor air quality, and other items.

KEM has provided these assessments for many types of clients, including banks, real estate investors and developers, law firms, industrial healthcare companies, casinos, school districts, municipalities, insurance adjusters, and others. KEM is an “approved” and “preferred” consulting firm for many banks. In addition to serving their clients, we have helped multi-state banks with environmental services related to bulk sales of their owned real estate portfolios. Plus, we have completed environmental services for banks as part of their acquisition of other banks.

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