Keating Environmental Management (KEM), a qualified WBE, possesses extensive experience in legal, design, construction, environmental, sustainability and purchasing. Our comprehensive services are well suited to assist Owners, Developers and Builders in all aspects of consulting and procurement. A number of areas where we provide assistance are described below.

Subcontractor and Equipment/Material Procurement

KEM offers a multifaceted solution for developing and negotiating subcontracts, as well as purchase orders for major building systems, such as HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Building Management Systems (BMS). This includes concept analysis, scope of work development, assembling bid packages and writing and distributing RFPs. KEM will evaluate subcontractors’ and equipment suppliers’ proposals for scope and specification compliance, we will then provide an analysis allowing for successful contract assignments.

Building Systems Coordination

KEM assists architects, construction managers and consultants in coordinating the development of documentation for projects and/or systems which require multiple prime contracts and skilled trades. This coordination frequently consists of reviewing the scopes of work and design documents of the various trades, while additionally identifying gaps or overlaps in responsibility. A typical review includes architectural detail and schedule impact on HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Tele/Data, Security, Building Management and other Special Systems. KEM also assists in directing the development of coordination drawings for construction.

Management Liaison

Our Management Liaison services are comprised of communicating with the project team, which may include the Owner, Developer, Consultants, Construction Manager and Subcontractors. KEM’s focus with regard to Management Liaison is to facilitate the often complex, multidiscipline interface between entities in the context of the design, budget and schedule responsibilities. These services ensure that project components are procured with the team’s complete understanding of the construction documents, site conditions, schedule and budget.

Cost Control

Cost Control is another service offered by KEM. This service consists of reviewing the progress drawings to identify deviations from the initial budget. During construction, KEM will review change order documentation for potential impacts to the budget and/or schedule, making recommendations to minimize these impacts. KEM also has the capability to review and negotiate change order proposals, including pricing and labor unit costs, job expenses and scope of work compliance. The specified cost control measures assist the construction team with achieving project completion within the Owner’s approved budget.

Conceptual Budgeting

KEM has an extensive background in numerous industries, including Gaming, Hospitality, Educational, Institutional, Residential, Commercial and Healthcare sectors. This wealth of knowledge provides KEM with the ability to develop pragmatic budgets based upon real and current data. KEM also has a well-informed and long-standing network of manufacturers and suppliers who can provide real-time pricing based on conceptual documentation.

Value Engineering Analysis

KEM’s value engineering analysis services include reviewing value engineering proposals for their impact upon the project’s intent, schedule and budget. KEM uncovers the cost increases that could result in deviating from the original project design documents. These cost increases can occur as a result of increased labor or construction expenses associated with skilled trades, equipment and/or material substitutions. Our holistic approach to value engineering is another beneficial tool that can be utilized to assist in maintaining the project’s budget and schedule requirements.

A WBE Certified Corporation