Process Engineering

We are experienced in the design of process treatment systems. This includes conceptual engineering, detailed engineering, procurement, shop drawing review, and testing/start-up of industrial, municipal, and domestic water and wastewater treatment systems.

We have designed systems including multi-bed ultra-pure water quality makeup demineralizers using activated carbon and other pretreatment technologies, vacuum degasification and membrane treatment technologies; condensate polishing systems; waste neutralization systems; metal oxidation and precipitation systems; oil/water separation systems; closed- and open loop evaporative cooling tower chemical treatment systems; chlorination and ozone systems; potable water treatment systems; sanitary waste treatment systems, air stripping systems, and stormwater management systems. These systems have been installed at fossil fuel and nuclear power electric generation stations, continuous metal casting facilities, remote self-sustaining radar installations, sites undergoing remediation, and at resource recovery facilities. We have developed and evaluated treatment systems for soil and groundwater remediation and for the treatment of exhaust gases from remedial systems.

A WBE Certified Corporation