Stuart Wiswall

Fields of Competence

Brownfield site reuse/redevelopment projects.
Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and Investigations.
Development, implementation and interpretation of hydrogeologic investigations and data.
Fate and Transport modeling.
Design, installation and operation of soil and groundwater remediation systems.
Underground storage tank management, closure, assessment and remediation projects.
Natural attenuation application and evaluation.
Compliance Audits.
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans.
Asbestos assessment and abatement programs.
Indoor air quality evaluations.
Site selection, planning and evaluations for “Green” building and LEED projects.


Professional Geologist, DE, PA, NC, VA
Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP)-NJ
US Green Building Council, LEED – AP
Certified North Carolina Hazardous Waste Site Manager
AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector
City of Philadelphia Asbestos Inspector
Certified OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120
American Association of Engineering Geologists
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
National Groundwater Association


B.S., Geology, Colgate University, 1978
Graduate Coursework, Hydrology, Wright State University, 1992

Experience Summary

Stuart has twenty-seven years of project management experience in the petroleum and environmental industries. His expertise is in the assessment, remedial design and implementation of corrective actions for soil, sediment and groundwater contamination. Stuart has extensive experience with environmental projects conducted under Federal (CERCLA, RCRA), Brownfields and State voluntary programs in PA DE, NJ, VA, NC, IL, OH, and SC.

Stuart’s experience as a License Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) in New Jersey includes the preparation of Preliminary Assessments (PAs), Site Investigations, Work plans, Remedial Investigations (RIs), Remedial Action Reports (RARs) and Response Action Outcomes (RAOs). He has successfully completed projects resulting in RAOs for both impacted industrial sites and for childcare licensing. He has also served as an expert witness in a legal proceeding involving impact to private water supply wells from a chlorinated solvent release at an industrial facility.

Key Projects

Industrial Site Remediation and Brownfields Redevelopment:
Stuart was the Project Manager and lead Hydrogeologist for a New Jersey School Development Authority redevelopment project involving the $7.5 million assessment and remediation of a former industrial waste disposal site. He employed The Triad approach for rapid site assessment. Stuart developed a cost-effective remedial approach employing hazardous waste stabilization, existing building decontamination and installation of engineering/institutional controls to address residual soil and ground water contamination. The site was restored and redeveloped as a community park providing both active and passive recreational facilities to community residents.

Stuart also obtained Brownfield certification and PA Act 2 closure for a former industrial property with chlorinated solvent and petroleum impacts to both soil and groundwater. He designed and executed the Remedial Investigation with associated vapor intrusion and fate and transport analyses that resulted in proper regulatory closure of the site and liability relief for the owner.

Stuart has also worked on behalf of KEM clients to obtain state funding grants to complete the assessment of a 65-acre former manufacturing facility impacted by wide spread low-level radioactive waste and organic/inorganic contamination as part of large community redevelopment project. The redevelopment plans have transformed this formerly abandoned site into the keystone of a large river front project providing mixed residential, commercial and recreational facilities.

Environmental Compliance Auditing
Stuart developed and implemented corrective/ environmental actions to address violations and deficiencies identified at a college during the performance of a USEPA-sanctioned compliance audit. The scope of the audit encompassed all of the major state and federal environmental regulatory programs.

Stuart has developed management and control systems for a large municipal school district to identify and remove their obsolete and unused chemical inventory.
He has facilitated the licensing of child care facilities in New Jersey through preparation of Preliminary Assessments and related documentation.
Stuart is a member of an environmental compliance audit team that evaluated numerous chemical, textile, and furniture manufacturing facilities on behalf of a large corporate client.

Asbestos and Indoor Air Quality
Stuart was the Project Manager for numerous projects that included asbestos surveys as well as indoor air quality evaluations, mold assessments and remediation work. These projects have included apartment complexes, universities, schools and churches. He has developed reports evaluating conditions and has provided recommended remedial options and cost estimates and provided on-site management of remedial activities.

Assessments and Investigations
Stuart has provided comprehensive services to numerous clients to aid in the minimization of environmental risk at their properties and to ensure overall regulatory compliance. On their behalf, he has conducted Phase I Assessments and Phase II Site Investigations, remedial actions and represented his clients with the regulatory authorities.

Emergency Remedial Response Actions
Stuart has significant experience directing and managing remedial services projects (rapid assessment of extent of contamination, emergency containment, regulatory agency interface) for storage tank overfills, spills and chemical releases. His projects have included chemical spills in school buildings, leaking underground and above ground storage tank systems, releases/spills of solvents, gaseous releases, accidental asbestos releases and other types of incidents.

Technical Advisor
Stuart served as a hydrogeological technical advisor under the USEPA Technical Assistance Services to Community (TASC) program to provide independent data analysis and interpretation to local Community Action Group (CAG) for the BoRit Superfund Site. He prepared and delivered presentations to the CAG and concerned community members that addressed concerns regarding the adequacy of the Remedial Investigation and the potential for the migration of on-site asbestos, inorganic and organic contaminants into the fractured aquifer supplying the public water system. His PowerPoint presentation was subsequently posted by the EPA on the BoRit website.

Spill Prevention Control and
Countermeasure Plans

Stuart served as the Area Project Director for a nationwide telecommunications provider’s SPCC program. He provided oversight of and reviewed the field activities of a team responsible for the preparation and implementation of SPCC plans at facilities in PA and NY. In addition, these projects included the on-site training of company personnel.

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