Christopher Orzechowski

Experience Summary


Chris has 20 years of experience providing environmental consulting, construction management and real estate development services to both the private and public sectors. His experience includes the implementation and management of remedial investigations and corrective action activities at CERCLA, RCRA municipal and industrial sites. He has worked on Brownfield revitalization projects under the regulatory oversight of numerous State agencies, and supervised the closure/remediation of both aboveground and underground storage tanks. Chris has significant experience conducting environmental site assessments and property condition assessments in support of real estate transactions, as well as with the performance/development of asbestos investigations, management plans, and asbestos abatement projects.




Former Chair of the Environmental Advisory Council, East Vincent Township, Chester County, PA, (2008-Present).
Former President, Green Valleys Association.
Political Committee Leader, East Vincent Township.




“The Top Ten Reasons Why Brownfield Redevelopment Projects Fail” , 2006.
“Recognition of Milankovitch Orbital Forcing Patterns in Shelf Facies of the Lower Devonian New Creek and Corriganville Formations” , 1995.
“The Geology of Fairmount Park,” The Guide to Fairmount Park, 1995.
“The Case for a Process Determined Hierarchy of Allocycles”, 1992.



 Key Projects


Chris served as the Senior Project Manager for a complex remediation project in Morris County, New Jersey. The site was a former industrial facility with chlorinated volatile organic-impacted soil and groundwater. The groundwater remediation system was operational for many years and was eventually shut down in favor of monitored natural attenuation, one of the first such projects in the State of New Jersey.

Chris was the Senior Project Manager for environmental matters concerning a multi-million dollar real estate transaction along the waterfront in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The work involved the removal of a 30,000 gallon bunker fuel underground storage tank and the transport and disposal of 3,000 tons of historical fill. All work was completed within two weeks, including the hazardous characterization of the fill material.

Chris was the Senior Project Manager for a project located in Franklinville, New Jersey involving the release of chlorinated solvents and PCBs to groundwater. He performed a comprehensive subsurface investigation and hydrogeologic study and prepared numerous reports for submittal to regulatory agencies. The project involved several potentially responsible parties and the complex relationships between these PRPs.

As Senior Project Manager a large marine terminal in Eddystone, Delaware County, Pennsylvania to complete a due diligence review for a pending multi-million dollar real estate transaction. The project involved the review of all in-house environmental files and permits and a file review with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The due diligence review identified a 30,000 gallon bunker oil underground storage tnaks and a 4,000 ton soil/debris pile. Both issues were addressed in three weeks to facilitate the real estate transaction.

Vadose Zone Modeling

Chris has worked as a Project Modeler developing soil cleanup standards for a dewatered zone of perched-water at a Superfund Site on St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. The client was one of several PRPs identified by the EPA as a source of the groundwater contamination in the Tutu Valley.


Chris has directed and managed Brownfields reuse/redevelopment projects for both public and private developers in the State of Pennsylvania. He was designated as the “professional in responsible charge” for the completion of more than 30 sites under Pennsylvania’s Act 2 regulations.

For a Land Recycling Project located on the Philadelphia waterfront where the site was a former industrial facility when the soil and groundwater was contaminated by metals and petroleum compounds. The site contamination mitigated via pathway elimination techniques. The intended end-use for the property is a Center City Casino and high-end entertainment establishment.

Chris was the Senior Project Manager for a Land Recycling Project involving the redevelopment of the US Postal Service Facility located at 30th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia. As the lead professional for the project, Chris directed all work including; the installation of a shallow monitoring well network; performance of an aquifer test to assess hydrogeologic parameters; completing a formal technical submittal to PADEP requesting a reduction in quarterly groundwater attainment events from eight to four; completing a human health risk assessment that ensured a cancer exposure risk of less than 10-5; and the preparation and submittal of the Final Report to PADEP requesting Act 2 Liability protection for the constituents of concern in soil and groundwater. The PADEP approved the Final Report and granted the requested Relief of Liability

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