Andrew Melinchuk

Fields of Competence

Asbestos, lead and hazardous material investigations related to building renovation and/or demolition projects.
Asbestos inspections required under the federal AHERA regulations.

Abatement project design to coordinate with building renovation/demolition plans.

Writing specifications to implement asbestos abatement projects.

Project management and oversight of abatement projects related to building renovation/demolition.

Management and oversight of EPA/AHERA asbestos inspection and abatement activities in elementary and secondary schools.

Coordination, development and implementation of LEED.

Preparation of Indoor Environmental Quality Management Plans related to asbestos, lead-based paint, mold and other contaminants.


Certified in NIOSH 582 Proficiency
Certified EPA/AHERA, Pennsylvania Asbestos Building Inspector
Certified EPA/AHERA, Pennsylvania Asbestos Management Planner
Certified EPA/AHERA, Pennsylvania Asbestos Project Designer
Licensed City of Philadelphia Asbestos Project Inspector
Licensed City of Philadelphia Asbestos Investigator
Licensed State of Delaware Asbestos Project Monitor
Certified EPA/HUD Lead-based Paint Risk Assessor


B.S., Business Administration, Widener University, 1983

Experience Summary

Andy has more than 15 years of experience providing assessments of and solutions for enhancing Indoor Environmental quality. His expertise includes asbestos, lead-based paint, mold and other parameters. He has completed significant projects for educational facilities, government buildings, as well as industrial and commercial establishments. His expertise includes building surveys, specification/bid document writing, and procuring bids. He also has extensive experience in abatement project management and oversight.

Key Projects

Andy serves as the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Project Manager to ensure compliance with the EPA AHERA regulations in all schools within the Archdiocese. This multi-year project included the management of an EPA-approved work plan designed to bring more than 200 elementary and secondary schools into regulatory compliance. The project included the coordination of inspection activities for by three subcontracted consulting companies, assessing the need for abatement and remediation, activities, collecting bids, and performing oversight of air monitoring and abatement personnel.

He also served as Project Manager for asbestos and lead-based paint assessments and pre-demolition abatement of multiple buildings that comprise the former Main U.S. Postal Facility at 30th Street in Philadelphia, PA. This multi-year assignment involved three separate buildings and represented in excess of 1.2 million ft2 of building area. As the Project Manager, Andy directed all inspection and sampling activities, prepared required reports, and developed specifications and cost estimates. Additionally, during the abatement activities he provided oversight for required air monitoring and ensured contractor compliance with all applicable asbestos regulations including EPA, State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia Asbestos Control Regulations.

At the completion of the renovation phase of the former Main U.S. Postal Facility at 30th Street in Philadelphia, PA, Andy coordinated the development and implementation of the construction IAQ Management Plan for LEED Certification. A sampling plan was developed in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council New Construction and Major Renovation Reference Guide for Credit 3.2 of the LEED Certification program. Oversight was provided for the successful implementation of the sampling plan and achievement of the LEED credits.

Andy performed microbial/indoor air quality assessments at various educational, banking and health-care facilities in response to complaints of illness and nuisance odors. Microbial sampling, in the form of air, wipe, swab and water, was performed for various forms of mold, fungi and legionella. Documentation and reports were provided to aid in the evaluation of personnel issues as well as the performance of building systems.

For the expansion of the PA Correctional Facility at Graterford, Andy led a team of environmental specialists who evaluated a number of structures that required demolition. The evaluation included consideration of asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs, and hazardous materials. Andy provides rapid, emergency response to environmental issues in schools and other buildings. He has coordinated, documented and provided remedial services for events such as water and sewage leaks, fires, floods, mold, damage to asbestos containing building materials and lad based painted surfaces, as well as to the release of oils and chemicals. He has worked closely with contractors, maintenance and facilities personnel to stabilize these situations. Following the initial response he has developed the remediation work plans, supervised their implementation and coordinated regulatory agency notification.

Andy has also served as Project Manager and Lead Inspector on school renovation projects for the Brandywine School District in Wilmington, DE. This multi-year project involved the complete renovation of two elementary school buildings, representing in excess of 250,000 of building area. Andy performed comprehensive pre-renovation asbestos surveys, wrote survey reports and abatement specifications relative to the building renovation plans, interfaced with personnel from construction management teams and various trades to design the abatement projects, and managed the abatement projects from start to finish including the performance of all required air monitoring tasks.

Andy designed and implemented a background sampling plan for asbestos, lead, total and respirable dust and volatile organic compounds prior to interior demolition activities at the Main US Postal Facility at 30th Street in Philadelphia, PA. The sampling established baseline levels relative to potential contamination caused by demolition work. Samples were also collected from occupied areas and other areas to gauge the level of cross contamination from demolition work.

Andy performed a background indoor air quality assessment of a newly renovated nursing facility for the Office of Catholic Social Services. The assessment established the baseline condition of the facility relative to potential indoor air quality and mold impacts. The assessment included the collection and analysis of air samples, the collection of relative humidity readings, and a visual inspection for mold growth. A detailed report was prepared which summarized the methods and procedures for sample collection, the results of the sample analyses, as well as conclusions and recommendations.

Andy also served as the Project Manager for The DuPont Company on the interior demolition and renovation of a 425,000 ft office building in Delaware. The project involved asbestos abatement relative to the interior demolition and renovation. Andy managed all asbestos abatement and air monitoring activities while ensuring abatement contractor compliance with all applicable regulations and project specifications.

He served as Project Manager and Inspector working for the Army Corp of Engineers to bring the Washington D.C. School District facilities into AHERA compliance. He inspected school buildings relative to maintenance work orders to determine the effects, if any, on asbestos containing building materials (ACBM). He wrote asbestos abatement specifications and oversaw the abatement and air monitoring activities.

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